The SAP Fiori course is designed to provide aspirants with the vital opportunity of attaining an in depth understanding and knowledge of SAP Fiori functionality, including a brief overview of the SAP Fiori authorization, architecture, installation and operation of SAP Fiori apps. Aspirants can learn several architectures by choosing this course, including those with HANA XS engine suitable for analytical apps, and more.

SAP Fiori enables applications to be used on desktop computers, tablets and smart phones. SAP Fiori implementation supports HTML5. The initial release had few applications to start and gradually increased to complete the SAP Business Suite. SAP Fiori is available for iOS, Android and Windows mobile platforms.

Benefits of SAP Fiori

  • Most broadly and frequently used common business functions like workflow, lookups and self-service tasks – based on extensive user research.
  • Provides a simple and easy to use experience across devised like desktop computers tablets or Smartphone.
  • Enables our customers to leverage their existing SAP investments Using SAPUI5 (HTML5) and SAP Net Weaver Gateways for end-to-end extensible of the solution and connectivity to any SAP back end system.
  • Reduced costs for training.
  • Improved efficiency in terms of operations.
  • Minimal errors.
  • Business leads.
  • Little time taken.


In VSD Technologies, you’ll learn about:

Installation and Configuration

Using step-by-step instructions walk through the back end and front end installations for SAP Fiori, before moving on to configuring all the necessary components and product-specific add-ons.

Implementing Apps

Learn how to perform the server tasks needed for implementing transnational, analytical, and fact sheet applications on an AS ABAP or SAP HANA ABAP Development.

Developing Apps

Employ common workflow modifications and connect with other SAP products as you develop and extend your apps in the SAP Web IDE environment.

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