What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is an in-built memory database and application development platform which is used for processing huge amount of data in the real-time environment. SAP HANA is an advanced relational database service provider with this HANA system, the big data exists on the main memory and not on the hard disk. C++ is the programming language used by SAP HANA.

We as an SAP based services provider offers consulting and implementation services for professional SAP Deployment. Our well-organized services depend on early planned procedures build up over many years. We have huge experience of complete and delivering such projects and make simple decisions.

For Us, Our horizontal consolidation defined as an integrating our SAP HANA View Consultant into your company procedures. That contains the strong business strategy, so you can count on our whole company services provide. On the other hand, Vertical Consolidation defined as a component from your SAP HANA infrastructure, Operating System, Relational database, and application server to the application and front-end it and it is in order to provide you most favorable commendations.

How SAP HANA Works:

SAP HANA stores all the data in its memory in a columnar form. So it’s easy for the product to deliver whenever real-time or near-real-time transitions and analytics occurs. SAP supports columnar format for better access to, and better processing of data compared to traditional or row-based memory.

HANA’s setup consume much more memory of the server, however, this concern is equalized because HANA databases, in normal, are smaller than traditional architectures thanks to high levels of data compression.

The benefits of HANA, according to SAP, it include improvement of data management, analytics and application development.

Why SAP HANA better Than Oracle:

Criteria SAP HANA Oracle
Strong Point Customization, customer service & functionality Ease of use, quick deployment and flexibility
Suitable to work with other databases very Good Average
Reduction in costs More cost for internal resources and training Much lesser on both fronts

We also for the following services area like:

 SAP HANA Application Development ABAP Development for SAP HANA
 SAP HANA Modeling SAP HANA Development India
SAP HCI Services SAP HANA Cloud Integration
SAP HANA Smart Data Integration SAP HANA Data Integration
SAP HANA ABAP Development India SAP HANA View Consultant

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